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100 Years of TTP

Understand the advancements in diagnosis and treatment of TTP over the last 100 years.

TTP videos: expert insights

With a rare, challenging disease such as TTP, shared perspectives from the clinical community can help address the obstacles each healthcare professional (HCP) faces.

Watch TTP clinical experts discuss a variety of TTP topics and share their experiences.

Dr. Spero Cataland

The pathogenesis of TTP

Dr Marie Scully, Dr Spero Cataland, and Dr Flora Peyvandi outline key aspects of TTP.

Dr. Marie Scully

The signs and symptoms of TTP

Dr Marie Scully details the variable, complex signs and symptoms of TTP.

Dr. Marie Scully

The role of ADAMTS13 in TTP

Dr Marie Scully explains the ADAMTS13 enzyme and ADAMTS13 deficiency in TTP.

Dr. Marie Scully

The role of vWF in TTP

Dr Marie Scully and Dr Spero Cataland explain the role of von Willebrand factor and platelet aggregation in TTP.

Dr. Marie Scully

Diagnosing TTP

Dr Marie Scully shares details on how to make a prompt differential diagnosis of TTP.

Dr. Flora Peyvandi

TTP patient case study

Dr Flora Peyvandi shares her experience with a 24-year-old female patient, underscoring the urgency and severe consequences of TTP when signs go unnoticed.

TTP mechanism of disease

Knowing the key mechanisms of TTP can help you understand the severe consequences of the disease.

TTP Pathophysiology

TTP pathophysiology

An in-depth exploration of the causes of TTP and the severe consequences of the disease.

Patient and care partner stories

Each person with TTP has a unique experience and story to tell. Saida and Jo explain their challenging journeys to diagnosis and what living with TTP has been like. Claudia shares her thoughts as a care partner to her adult daughter with TTP.

Hearing about the experience of diagnosis, treatment, and living with TTP helps provide a comprehensive understanding of the disease.


Saida's TTP story

Saida shares her road to diagnosis of TTP, the impact of her condition, and her hope for the future.


Jo's TTP story

Jo discusses her journey living with TTP and how she manages the challenges of the disease.


Claudia's perspective

Claudia shares how healthcare professionals can further help patients and care partners.

ADAMTS13=a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 13.